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06.25.20131 Min Read — In Mainframe

I am often surprised by how quickly time can fly by. At the beginning of this year, I was an IBM System z Client Architect based out of Chicago. Despite the day-to-day stress of being in a demanding job and setting high career expectations for myself, I was largely copasetic. Certainly, I was unaware of the large changes that would soon occur in my life. Over the past six months, I’ve graduated from my Masters Program at Illinois Tech, celebrated my wife’s completion of her medical degree, moved to Bethesda, Maryland, and joined the Linux and z/VM team of the Washington Systems Center. In my new role, I’ll be closely working with Richard Lewis, a longtime mainframer of renown and sworn Knight of VM (yes, there actually are mainframe knights). Later this summer, I’ll be teaching my first semester of the Intro to Mainframe Technologies course that I designed for Illinois Tech.

To the readers and fans out there, I really appreciate your forbearance and understanding as I’ve gotten my personal life in order.

In short, it's back on like Donkey Kong.

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