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SSummary of ENIAC by Scott McCartney

07.29.20186 Min Read — In History

This past weekend, I finally made it through ENIAC: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the World's First Computer by Scott McCartney. After originally purchasing this book from Audible in 2012, I quickly…

BBattle of the Somme Centennial

06.30.20162 Min Read — In History

One hundred years ago today, General Haig, commander of the British Expeditionary Force, a man known for strong Christian beliefs and eccentric spiritualism (supposedly he had spoken with Napoleon…

PPrincess House Mysteries: Chapter 4

05.23.20152 Min Read — In History

First things first, there have been some setbacks with my Princess House Research. Nothing tragic, but a bit frustrating for me personally. Let me set the stage for you so that you can empathize…

PPrincess House Mysteries: Chapter 3

04.26.20152 Min Read — In History

In my last post, I discussed some of my initial thoughts about where my house was actually located between when it was built circa 1850 and when it was moved to the "Uptown" neighborhood of Alexandria…

PPrincess House Mysteries: Chapter 2

04.12.20153 Min Read — In History

In Chapter 1 of the Princess House Mysteries, I discovered that my new home at 1204 Princess Street wasn't built in 1920 like I had originally thought, but that it was built around 1850 and moved to…

PPrincess House Mysteries: Chapter 1

04.01.20154 Min Read — In History

Shortly before Christmas of 2014, my wife and I purchased a lovely townhouse in Alexandria City's Parker Gray Historic District. More specifically, we purchased a house on Princess Street, which my…

SSólyom Fekete Family History Project

07.08.20133 Min Read — In History

Many of you know that I've had already had a handful of careers during my 27.5 years of life. Besides working in technology and serving in the Army, there was a brief period when I was a History PhD…

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