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OOn Duty, Honor, Country

04.24.20072 Min Read — In West Point

"What the Academy stands for has always been my guide throughout my military career, and to have approached the high ideals of duty, honor, and service to country that are the real spirit of West…

DDownright Motivated

11.10.20032 Min Read — In West Point

During Cadet Basic Training, I benefited greatly from the leadership of my cadre members. They stimulated my development in many ways. By far, it was my second detail Platoon Sergeant, Sergeant Mathis…

TThe Evolution of Armor

10.04.20035 Min Read — In West Point

I was always fascinated by my grandfather’s collection of model tanks. They are, by far, the most striking items in his office, clearly showing his pride as a retired armor officer. All of the models…

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