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CChina Needs a Mainframe

05.27.20144 Min Read — In Mainframe

It's a tough time to be an US-based technology multinational in China. Sure, there's always been the risk of intellectual property theft and concerns about local copycat companies popping up overnight…

MMetLife Mainframe Internships

05.09.20143 Min Read — In Mainframe

With over 90 million customers in over 60 countries, MetLife is one of the world's largest insurance companies. They are also one of the best examples of a Fortune 500 company combining mainframe and…

II want my 360

04.09.20142 Min Read — In Mainframe

I want my 360 This post was originally hosted on the Millennial Mainframer blog

SSystem/360 at 50

04.09.20146 Min Read — In Mainframe

On April 7, 1964, Tom Watson Jr. stood at the front of a conference room in IBM's Poughkeepsie, NY research lab. Looking beyond the podium and out into the audience, Watson saw two hundred influential…

CCorporate Partnerships and Mainframe Skills

10.30.20134 Min Read — In Mainframe

In discussions on efforts to combat the impending mainframe skills shortage, programs such as the IBM Academic Initiative and the Master the Mainframe Contest typically play center stage. The…

WWhy Millennials should care about the zBC12

07.24.20135 Min Read — In Mainframe

So the mainframe blogosphere has already written up and down about the new zBC12 mainframe that IBM announced yesterday. Big woopdie do. So what that it’s harder, better, faster, stronger? Most…

BBlog is on like Donkey Kong

06.25.20131 Min Read — In Mainframe

I am often surprised by how quickly time can fly by. At the beginning of this year, I was an IBM System z Client Architect based out of Chicago. Despite the day-to-day stress of being in a demanding…

MMainframe Rap

02.08.20132 Min Read — In Mainframe

This post was originally hosted on the Millennial Mainframer blog

MMillennial Mainframers, You’re blessed!

04.06.20122 Min Read — In Mainframe

One of the more unique aspects of being a Millennial Mainframer is working on teams with coworkers far older than ourselves. While this generational gap impacts day-to-day life in a mainframe shop in…

MMainframe APIs

02.10.20123 Min Read — In Mainframe

In honor of our 1,000th hit, behold System Z's answer to Ruby on Rails: COBOL on Cogs! In all seriousness, the modern mainframe has come a long way towards embracing modern web technologies. Due to…

SSyracuse University's Mainframe Program

01.31.20122 Min Read — In Mainframe

Check out Roger Kay's Forbes article “Kids See A Future In Mainframes.” Much like our discussion of Marist College, Roger writes about Dave Dischiave’s efforts at Syracuse University to train up new…

LLow Cost Mainframe Training

01.29.20122 Min Read — In Mainframe

By the very nature of being young professionals in a specialized and mature technical community, most millennial mainframers face the constant challenge of skill acquisition and credentialing. While…

SSystem z. Not Your Dad's Mainframe

01.27.20122 Min Read — In Mainframe

It is commonly understood in the mainframe community that many tech folks today do not understand the difference between a mainframe and a cluster of distributed servers. This is highly ironic given…

zzEnterprise - Mainframe Hybrid Computing

11.20.201125 Min Read — In Mainframe

Despite derision as a dinosaur doomed to gradual extinction, a recent breakthrough in mainframe technology has the potential to transform the world of modern data centers. On July 22, 2010, IBM…

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